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Frontier Newbie Toolbox

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Frontier Newbie Toolbox

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Thanks for befriending the newbies!
Dave Winer

If you are brand-new to Frontier, the first place to go!
Script Meridian



There is a common complaint on all the Frontier lists: "Where are the docs?". It's true that there's a huge amount of documentation and resources available online, but the problem is where to find what you really need. Usually, the Frontier Newbie doesn't even know where to start!

So let's try to put a bit of order into what might appear as a monstrous hydra.

You will find on this site what I consider the best path for a Frontier Newbie to follow. I won't offer a comprehensive list of all the resources online. This will just be my choice of the best tutorials for you, the Frontier Newbie. And it's not going to be the usual list with just a sentence or two and a link to a resource, but more like a resume or an abstract of what you will find, and a recommendation on whether you need to read all of any given reference, or just part of it.

To get the maximum out of The Frontier Newbie Toolbox, I suggest that you follow it in order, starting from this page to the next and so on. Why should I ask this in this HTML age, where you can jump from one link to another? It's because The Frontier Newbie Toolbox is conceived more like a mountain that you have to climb step by step. So tutorials that appear in the last section assume that you have read the tutorial in the preceding section. But if you want to do it another way, go for it ! You have been warned!

Important Note

If you even don't know what is Frontier, here is an official description from the Frontier 5 Home page:

Frontier 5.1 is a cross-platform content management system for Windows and Macintosh.

It features a powerful website framework, high-performance object database, multi-threaded runtime, and system-level scripting system.

If you want to know more about Frontier, have a look at What is Frontier?. You can also go to Thea's Galleria of Great Frontier Web Sites to see actual websites managed by Frontier. And last but not least, if you want a broader perspective on Frontier as a scripting environment, see Testimonials.

Note to the old hats

Your tutorial, or your suite/script, might not be discussed in The Frontier Newbie Toolbox. If you think that it should be there because it sheds a different light on Frontier and might help a Newbie, please, send me an email. But don't be misguided. The Frontier Newbie Toolbox is not a comprehensive list of all the Frontier resources, it's my choice of what I consider to be the best introductions to Frontier. Thanks for your understanding.


Thanks to Lynn Siprelle and Jeb Bateman who took the time to revise my text and offered advice. The last revision from Lynn was made the 3 August 98. So if something is not well written, its my fault, not Lynn's fault !

And thanks to the many authors of the tutorials and suites reviewed here!

Any advice, corrections, protestations to The Frontier Newbie Toolbox will be gladly received. Just drop me an email. Thanks.

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